Fairtrade: the most widely recognised ethical label

According to research conducted by Fairtrade International – from February to June across 24 developing and developed markets – the Fairtrade mark is the most widely recognised ethical label.

Nearly six in 10 shoppers (57%) of the 17,000 adult consumers polled, said they have seen the Fairtrade certification mark. While 64% believe that their shopping choices can make a positive difference to farmers and workers in developing countries.

When asked if a branded product that they normally buy began carrying the Fairtrade mark, 79% said it would have a positive impact on their impression of the brand.
According to Fairtrade International, global consumer spend on Fairtrade products increased by 28%in 2010 to €4.36bn. In certain markets, such as SA, Australia, New Zealand and the Czech Republic, shoppers tripled their purchases; while in the UK – Fairtrade’s largest market – consumers spent 47% more.