Extruded-pressed (ExPress®) soybean meal

ExPress® soybean meal is an alternative to solvent-extracted soybean meal. Extruded soybeans go through the pressing process where about 12% of oil is extracted. This extracted oil can further be used in the feed and/or food applications.
Basically, ExPress® soybean meal contains less crude fat when compared to extruded soybeans (6% versus 18%). The crude protein (48%) and energy content (3,344Kcal/gg TMEn) of ExPress® meal is different to that of extruded full-fat soybeans. Amino acid digestibility of ExPress® meal is presented in the table.

In a recent study at the University of Illinois, conventional solvent-extracted soybean meal was substituted with ExPress® meal in the broiler diet. Results of this study indicated that feeding ExPress® meal supports maximal growth and performance, Poureslami states. The feeding value of ExPress® meal in this study was similar to that of conventional solvent-extracted soybean meal.