Egli Engineering for food manufacture

Egli Engineering of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, specialises in the production of entire production lines for the manufacture of snacks and many other foods.
The company, which is owned by Swiss-born Gus Egli and has been in operation since 1972, fabricates and assembles production lines all from its own designs.
Although the equipment it makes may not be as fast, or have the often-unnecessary “bells and whistles” associated with the exorbitantly priced imported machinery, Egli Engineering offers tremendous value for money. Product quality is a matter of personal pride!
The company employs 23 people and will service all of the machines which it sells.
Egli’s core strength is in the production of snack lines for maize-based products – “nak” lines and soft-popped snacks.
All lines are custom-made and are modular. Only commonly-available and top-quality components are used – such as Festo for pneumatics and controls, and Bonfiglioli for electric motors and gearboxes.
Complete maize extrusion lines
Up to 10 integrated units, all made by Egli, comprise a typical fried extrusion (“nak”) production line. Maize grits are extruded, then conveyed via a screw conveyor from a dryer into a fryer, from another screw conveyor into a flavour drum (for application of flavouring), and from there either into a bulk dispenser or directly into one of Egli’s packaging machines.
The baked extrusion or “soft” snack line works in a similar way, but with a different, soft extruder.
All lines are custom-made and are modular.
Form, fill and seal machines
A large part of Egli’s business is the manufacture of form, fill and seal machines for any type of product – dry or wet. Its form, fill and seal machines can pack from 12g cheese curls up to 10kg rice or dog foods. Egli also manufactures many different dosing units, such as volumetric fillers for a variety of product types, as well as augers and linear scales.
Multi-head weighers
The company also has the agency for multi-head weighers from High Dream of China, one of the world’s largest manufacturers.
Multi-head weighers are versatile and are used to weigh many different products. They are the only method to weigh delicate products such as potato chips.
The multi-head weighers are available in any number of configurations depending on the size and shape of the product and the speeds required by the filling machine.
High Dream manufactures scales with 8 heads up to 16 heads, which can run at speeds over 180 weighs per minute.
Form, fill and seal machines cost from R160,000 ($20,000); multi-head weighers cost from R90,000 ($12,000) ex-factory.
Egli is one of the leading suppliers of snack food equipment in South Africa and has supplied machinery to some of the largest food production companies in South Africa.

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