Dynamic Extractions and Formulations produces world’s purest standardised Sceletium tortuosum extract

South African-based Dynamic Extractions and Formulations (DEF), the newly formed production partner to leading extraction IP company, Green Cell Technologies, has produced possibly the world’s purest Sceletium tortuosum extract to date

Sceletium tortuosum has been clinically proven in vivo, to counteract the effects of depression and anxiety, and is currently in worldwide demand as an effective natural stress management supplement and mood enhancer. This natural purified extract, the first made by DEF under its licencing agreement with Green Cell Technologies – using the patented Dynamic Cellular Disruption™ method – is a consistent, stabilised and standardised 3% of total alkaloids. There are 11 alkaloids in Sceletium tortuosum and all need to be present to produce an effective total active extract.

To date, extracts of this plant (from other sources) have been standardised at 0.3%, vastly under the consistent results DEF achieves which amount to 99.99% of the total active alkaloids and a 450% higher yield than other processes. DEF measures its extracts using accurate high-performance liquid chromatography machines, and results of the purity and fingerprinting are verified by assay.

DEF does not utilise the more frequently used thin layer chromatography or photo spectrometer methods, which have been noted to read two to four times over the “actual” levels. The company therefore considers them inaccurate for the purposes of making value-added products where the inclusion ratio should be based on the actual purity of the active and not an “inflated active” measurement.

Ruaan Genade, head of production at DEF, expressed his satisfaction in the results of the Sceletium tortuosem extract, the DCD process and his company’s ability to sustain superior yields on all future extracts it may produce or formulate. “The extracts market as a whole has been under some threat recently from a multitude of unscrupulous producers and suppliers, over-inflating ‘active’ content of their extracts and in many cases, non-compliant with South Africa’s strict bio-diversity laws.” He adds that, as the production partner to Green Cell Technologies, DEF brings together expertise needed to drive the future of the ethical and effective extracts market and its aim is to consistently produce highly standardised and effective natural purified extracts.SharonBolelSDE

Genade sites the recent Hoodia debacle as a prime example of the extracts market suffering as a consequence of scores of producers manufacturing extracts with little or no “actives” in them, as well as certain contract packers who label these without reflecting the purity of the active molecule(s). “The majority of Chinese supplies of this endemic southern African plant contained little or no P57 – the active molecule in Hoodia Gordonii. The infiltration of these inferior products subsequently led to merchandise being removed from shelves around the world and the entire Hoodia supply chain being brought into question.

“This short-sighted approach has had significant and far-reaching negative impact on southern African growers and cultural groups. Other endemic medicinal plants, such as Devils Claw, are currently in danger of following suit,” he states. “If this trend is not immediately redressed, the bio-prospecting industry will suffer irreparable damage and no amount of anti-anxiety supplements will stop the ensuing stress.”

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