DC-powered freezers

Portable, durable and adaptable, Cold Chain DC-powered freezers are ideal for remote storage of food and beverages, especially for vendors who have access to DC power and a commonly available adapter.

This is according to the company’s Robert Spence, who says the Solar Power System is designed to work in conjunction with any of the Cold Chain DC Freezers.

“Users can choose the right features for their unique needs. For instance, if you are looking to be completely self-contained you can choose a trolley system. If you want
to be mobile, add casters or you can include a traditional AC plug if you need to run a cash register or hot plate.”
Spence adds that the Cold Chain Solar Power System gives users omplete off-the-grid flexibility, while maintaining temperatures as cold as -20°C.
ColdChainLLC: www.coldchainllc.com