Dairy processor expands beyond pouches (Algeria)

Earlier this year, Algerian dairy manufacturer LaiterieBetouche launched new Laban (a buttermilk beverage) and Rayeb (a milk curd beverage) products in 1-litre Elopak Pure-Pak Diamond Curve cartons.

LaiterieBetouche is now formulating plans to launch a flavoured drinking yoghurt product in a 500ml carton.
Elopak has branded its venture with LaiterieBetouche as a “key milestone”. Although the company has held a packaging presence across North Africa for a number of years, it says that government subsidies (a 50% discount on imported milk powder) encourage the use of plastic pouches by liquid milk manufacturers to ensure that consumers have access to milk at the cheapest possible price, making it challenging for alternative packaging formats to enter Algeria’s dairy sector.
“This venture into the Algerian dairy industry has been driven mainly by demand for value-added milk products, such as drinking yogurts,” said Jurg Burri, Elopak’s marketing and sales manager for the Middle East and North Africa. “Algerian consumers also have increasing purchasing power, and growing interest in value-added dairy products and the convenience of cartons.” – DairyReporter.com