Customer collaboration ensures continual product improvement

Nicola-J Flavours and Fragrances (Pty) Ltd, a wholly-owned South African company, was founded in 1996. The core of the founding team has considerable experience in the flavour industry, and our growth since inception has been exceptional. Our flexibility and quality of products and service has established Nicola-J as one of South Africa’s premier independent flavour manufacturers. All of our efforts are focused extensively on satisfying the needs of our customers.

We understand the demand for continual improvement of costs and quality, and therefore like to work closely with our clients to assist them in new product developments and reformulation of existing lines. Our team of food flavourists and technicians gladly assist in the development or matching of existing flavours to suit customer requirements.
By offering a complete range of products and services, we aim to satisfy not only our customers, but also to contribute to the quality of their final products, which is demanded by consumers.
In keeping abreast with the latest rules and regulations governing our industry – from food safety issues to labelling requirements – our regulatory department ensures that we comply with the ever-changing legislative landscape.
Customer coverage
We have an extensive customer base within South Africa, as well as many other African countries. All local customers are serviced from our base in Midrand, Johannesburg. Our sales staff undertake regular visits to all our customers throughout South Africa to ensure that we maintain high levels of service and build solid relationships.
South Africa has become the “gateway” to Africa, and our expertise and ability to customise flavour solutions put us in an ideal position to increase our presence and market share in other African countries.
Although we have established distributors in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, our aim is to establish distributors in all the countries that we service. Regular trips are undertaken to visit our African distributors and customers to ensure that we understand their markets and requirements.
We are HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points)-certified by the South African Bureau of Standards, and strictly adhere to our HACCP plan and procedures to ensure that we manufacture products to the highest safety standards.
Nicola-J is a full member of the South African Association of the Flavour and Fragrance Industry (SAAFFI). We have signed and adhere to the SAAFFI “Code of Conduct”, a prerequisite for membership.
Manufacturing capabilities
Our new and modern manufacturing facility in Midrand was designed and built in strict accordance to HACCP requirements.
The factory consists of eight independent manufacturing rooms and two warehouses spanning over 1,800 sq metres.
For the manufacture of powder flavours, we are equipped with a variety of ribbon and high-speed “Diosna” blenders, giving us a manufacturing range for batches from 25kg to 1.5 tons.
Similarly, for liquid flavours and emulsions, we have a range of highspeed mixers, blending tanks, and an APV homogeniser, giving us the capacity to manufacture batches from 5kg up to 3,500kg.
Sweet flavours
Innovation and creativity is core to our success. We have developed an extensive range of sweet
flavours suitable for almost all applications. These flavours are available in either powder or liquid form depending on application. Our flavours are developed for specific product applications, and are tested in products before being commercialised. We offer these flavours in a range of concentrations and reasonable pack sizes, depending on your requirements. The sweet flavour range includes popular flavours for baking, including biscuits and muffins; beverages, including carbonated beverages; dairy, including yoghurts and flavoured milks, as well as desserts and toppings.
Savoury flavours
Our ever-increasing range of savoury flavours has proved very popular and successful within the marketplace. We have the expertise and experience to develop just about any type of savoury flavour to suit your exact requirements.
Key to our success has been our innovative development of cost effective savoury flavours that do not compromise on taste and quality.
Depending on your requirements, we offer savoury flavours in various concentrations in both powder and liquid form.
The range includes flavours for snack dustings, soups and stews, savoury baking, pet foods, sauces and marinades, meat and processed meat, fish, cheese, etc.
Agencies in SA
Nicola-J is the official distributor in SA for the full range of food colours and lakes manufactured by Vidhi Dyestuffs (MFG) Ltd, India. We carry large stocks of the primary colours and lakes, which are available “off the shelf” for immediate dispatch. In addition to these primary colours, we also blend and match colours to offer you the exact colour to suit your needs.
Nicola-J is also the official distributor for the full range of caramel colours manufactured by Alvin Caramel Colours (India) Pvt. Ltd. We carry stocks of the more popular caramels, but offer the full Alvin range.