Cryovac packages

Case-ready production and ready-meals are major trends in South Africa, in line with international trends. Cryovac has a variety of its packs to harness this trend, including:

  • SES (stretch-end-seal), stretched over the product, using a variety of low-profile trays.
  •  BDF (barrier display film). Similar to SES, but a barrier film is used to accommodate modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), with thin, anti-fog, printable, shrink, microwaveable film.
  • Mirabella, development of which is being finalised, which will mean that red meat can be packed to touch the film  – which in turn means that it will be possible to reduce the height of the tray, resulting in transport and other supply chain savings.
  • VPP – vertical, retortable pouches of 60ml to 20 litres. The pouches can, for instance, be integrated into dispensing systems – offering potential for sauces, soups, hospital meals, etc.
  • Darfresh, which creates a skin film of "intimate contact with the food item, encapsulating it". This technology results in excellent shelf life – for beef, for instance, this method extends the shelf life to a massive 21 days. Also, the meat improves as it matures. Darfresh is self-venting so that consumers can cook the product without puncturing or opening the bag, with marinade as an option.

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