Creating New Foods – The Product Developer’s Guide

This book by Mary and Richard Earle is available free online via (the full url is ).
This free web edition of a well known textbook is published online by The New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology. Again, it can unfortunately not be downloaded as a single file.  The book is structured around the authors’ four-stage Product Development Model. The stages defined in the book are: product strategy; product design and process development; product commercialisation; product launch; and post-launch evaluation. Each stage is described in detail with examples, case studies and topics for further thought, which help to link theory and practice. Mpilende The need to carry out product development in an iterative process, involving a range of stakeholders from ingredient suppliers to customers, is stressed throughout, as is the fact that innovation should always be at the base of new product design. Also stressed is that technological knowledge of product, production, distribution and marketing is a necessary base for product development, and that consumers’ needs, wants, attitudes, behaviours and ergonomic requirements must be well understood and should drive the process. Around 25 case studies and examples are used to illustrate issues in the book. Over 60 "Think Breaks" guide the reader to think/analyse important issues. While the authors are technologists, the book has a broader focus and does not forget the company strategic issues that must guide the focus of product development, nor the commercialisation of the new product. The appendix contains a list of 25 books, but only five links for reference.