Containerised delivery for congested cities

With Steelbro Sidelifters and a suite of own containers, it is possible for fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) to be delivered after hours while the roads are not busy, freeing up resources for the following day's business.
Imagine your client arriving at his office with his goods already in place and secure ahead of the day. The Steelbro Sidelifter can deliver up to 36t in a single load.
Full containers placed on the ground in suburbs or industrial zones become mini distribution centers, reducing capital costs, allowing 24 hour secure delivery, avoiding peak rush hour congestion and optimising existing vehicle fleet.Normally a vehicle loaded with deliveries starts its route and goes from door to door either selling from the vehicle or dropping off pallet-sized loads. This means that to service five areas, five like-sized vehicles go out and service the areas.The new intermodal delivery model uses self-loading trailers and a suite of modified containers which have smart card access and GSM communication. These containers actually replace some of the costly delivery vehicles.
 The promoters list the benefits as: lower capital, running and maintenance costs; empowerment potential; reduces congestion in street loading; reduces overtime; and speeds up dispatch and return operations.
How the system works:
One Steelbro self loading trailer delivers the secure, full containers into designated addresses located in the middle of the five routes usually handled door to door.
The smaller delivery vehicle operated either by the distributor, or an individual empowered to act on its behalf, uses the container as a mini distribution centre, building client loyalty and presenting an efficient presence in the area.
The container can be fitted with load cells and GSM communication, for automatic re-stocking, stock monitoring and 24-hour security.
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