Community game farming

In South Africa, as in some other African countries, commercial game farming has boomed in the last few decades, with the conversion of many commercial farms from cattle and cropping to game farming for hunting and venison harvesting.
An authority on game farming in South Africa, Abre Steyn, says that in Africa, vast tracts of rural land suitable for game farming are in the hands of communities.
He says that these communities should develop commercial game farms with these lands by constructing their own fencing and infrastructure and stocking them. Insulated Structures
He says that apart from a few specialised aspects, game farming is "marvellously uncomplicated". The simple recipe for its success lies in "FWOH" – fencing, maintenance, water provision and prevention of overgrazing by harvesting surplus animals in the most profitable way.  And there is no more profitable way than hunting, he says.
Hunters worldwide would welcome these upcoming communities into the game industry and there is enough professional expertise to ensure successful projects, he says.
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