Coating solutions for returnable glass bottles

Success for beer and soft drink manufacturers is about getting the products presented in the right way in the pubs, bars, and shops where the customers experience the product. Bottle appearance can have a significant impact on market positioning, market share and brand image – and, therefore, on the bottom line. Unfortunately, in the case of returnable bottles, this impact can fade away because of the optical appeal of the bottle. A major parameter is the degree of scuffing caused by bottle-to-bottle contact during the filling process. With the increasing number of bottle "trips", the bottle pool quality and, therefore, the marketing value decreases significantly. Surveys indicate that bottles after 10-15 refill cycles do not fulfill the requirements of a premium-packaging segment.
This scuffing can be delayed significantly by applying a protective coating in the filling plant. France-based Arkema, with Spraying Systems Co of the US as a global partner, now offers a full range of technical services, adaptable chemistry, and new breakthrough spray application technologies to reduce the cost and maintain a returnable glass bottle fleet.
These solutions come as turnkey installations, specifically designed to fulfill individual requirements.
Tegoglas® 3000+ is an anti-scuff coating that significantly delays the appearance of scuffing and protects the strength of a returnable glass bottle, therefore significantly extending the life of a returnable glass bottle. It can further improve the production flow, reduce the noise level and enhance the efficiency of filling plant operations. The technology has shown a scuffing reduction of approximately 50%.
A new breakthrough – Post Washer Spray Application Technology – will enable beer and soft drink fillers to protect their fleet at the earliest possible time and guarantees an excellent coating distribution.
Arkema , the global leader in glass container coating technology, has 17,000 employees in 80 production plants worldwide. It also has six research centres internationally, and 3% of its revenue is allocated to research.
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