Cheap filter membrane system for safe water treatment

A large Swiss chemical company manufactures an easy-to-use membrane water purification system made of high performance plastic.
The portable Lifestraw® Family system simplifies on-site conversion of large quantities of dirty water into potable water in villages and by families.
The primary element is an approximately 30cm long plastic housing that contains filter membranes that provide ultrafiltration and remove viruses as well as bacteria from dirty surface water.
The unique benefit of the high performance resin used in the filters is that it lends itself well to production of membranes with a precisely controlled pore size and thus exactly defined filter characteristics.
The system is not only lightweight and easy-to-use, but also inexpensive. It is able to purify at least 18,000 litres of water reliably without the need for batteries, electricity, replacement parts, chemicals or complex technology. Water purified by the unit has been tested by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and declared potable.
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