CFI of South Africa offers a range of ascorbic acid replacements

CFI of South Africa has developed a range of products to replace scarce and expensive ascorbic acid in most food industry applications. ascorbic acid has been one of the most volatile food ingredients in recent years, varying widely in price and availability. Nilox Bakery replaces ascorbic in flour and bakery mixes. In normal applications, Nilox Bakery is more efficient than ascorbic, so dosages are less. The product is well proven for both the milling and baking sectors, and can be varied to suit the requirements of different flours and bread products.
Nilox Bakery is a complement to CFI’s complete range of baking enzymes, which are already enjoying success in African markets.
Nilox and Nilox Plus are proven replacements for ascorbic in fruit and meat sector applications. Uses include the prevention of browning in processed meats, fruit pulps, fresh fruit salads, avocado pulp, citrus products and juices. Both are far more economical than ascorbic, and have been in use for several years in many countries. They are blandly acidic in taste, with no sulphur off-notes.
CFI holds stock of these products, and can be contacted via its offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, East London and Lusaka. The company stocks a wide range of food ingredients and solves formulation problems for the food industry, with trouble-shooting specialists in sectors such as beverages, bakery, juice extraction and dairy.
CFI: Tel +27 21-789-1885;