Celebrating 15 years of innovative Solutions

Flavourome’s strategy of partnering with the right clients in the food, beverage and health manufacturing sectors, and striving to understand each one’s exact challenges, in order to add value through unique flavours and ingredients, technical ability, creativity and market insights, has been the key driver to the company’s success over the past 15 years.
This is according to founder and CEO David Wright, who emphasizes that Flavourome is an integral part of around 30 customers’ businesses. “We are reliant on each other, and have grown with these clients as they have grown, to produce 2,500-3,000t of liquid and powder products annually.”
He explains that Flavourome’s business focus has transformed from just distributing flavours for Firmenich to adding value by localising products and providing integrated solutions.
“Many clients are looking to cost models to add innovation and are reformulating products to achieve the best end result or price. They also want a better bottom line from a factory processing and packaging perspective. This is the reason why our approach is one that creates new opportunities and finds ways to give our partners a competitive edge,” Wright states. “We add value by assisting them with scaling up formulations created in our savoury or research and development laboratories by eight dedicated food technologists to commercial production level in their factories. And we assist them to choose the right packaging solutions and branding strategies for their products.”
Currently 20% of Flavourome’s business is based outside of South Africa – in Central Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Angola and Zambia. Wright says that Firmenich also has its own team servicing the West African market. “We view liquid and powder solutions for beverages as offering the most attractive future growth opportunities on the continent, followed by confectionery solutions,” he states. “This is because these two product categories are the easiest for customers to get into and for consumers to afford. Flavourome will be look at working with established companies – offering a good fit between the two businesses – where it can add value by doing something different with them.”

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Partnerships and Expertise
In addition to retaining its distribution rights for Firmenich, whose flavour specialities are in the beverages (powder and liquid), dairy, confectionery and sweet goods (bakery, dessert and dairy) market segments, Flavourome has ventured into colours, sweeteners, fortification and performance, as well as nutritional and dairy ingredients. This has enabled the company to facilitate the delivery of a complete, single solution to customers who are looking for partners that can formulate their products to meet innovation and reduction of costs requirements.
Flavourome is predicting future demand and growth – based on the enquiries that it has received – in the energy and sports drinks as well as liquid nutrition product segments.
Founder and CEO, David Wright, says today Firmenich is Flavourome’s biggest partner, and still the only company that can produce totally encapsulated flavours – allowing for authentic, lively flavours in a gentle process involving carbohydrate matrices.
Firmenich has three main proprietary technologies:
1.    Flexarome – flavours which are entirely encapsulated.
2.    Durarome – top note, sustained flavours with a four-year shelf life.
3.    Thermarome – encapsulating the top notes for savoury applications in which considerable heat is applied. This technology is used, for instance, in low concentrations in chicken or fish batters, soups, stocks and cubes.
Flavourome has also partnered with Snack Seasonings – a specialist in the development of new flavours and the matching of existing flavours – and seen a volume uptake of seasoning flavours for the lower end of the consumer spectrum.