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SAAFoST addresses food science

SAAFoST, the South African Association for Food Science and Technology, held its 21st Biennial
international congress and exhibition on the 7th to 9th September 2015 in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal
hosting a multitude of global food and beverage scientists.
Opening the three day event, current SAAFoST President Ryan Ponquette highlighted the theme,Growing Food Science and Technology for a sustainable future, as a very important one especially for a developing country like South Africa as much work is still to be done with regards to food technology.
Said Ponquette: “ This congress promises the best and latest from the South African food industry – from technology and trends, academic research and new ingredients to world class exhibition stands, all contributing to a lovely networking and innovation space.”
Ponquette also spoke of the launch of MySAAFoST, a cyber forum where young scientists, students and technologists are encouraged to share their ideas and knowledge. Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) James McLean, emphasised the importance of having support and participation of eminent international Food Scientists and food organisation – IFT, IUFoST and ILSI, as this brought up the level of the congress and exhibition.
Known speakers from abroad as well as many African countries included well known South African food consultant Nigel Sunley, Malebogo Lekgoa from the Family and Consumer Sciences Department at the University of Botswana, amongst many others.
Students from all tertiary institutions also took part exhibiting various posters which covered a large spectrum of scientific research.
Jake Norman of the OAL Group in the United Kingdom , gave an insightful presentation on the collaborative research and development of a steam infusion system for the provision of healthier food
products using Zambia’s DairyGold as a case study.
SAAFoST is a National Association which is concerned with advancing the knowledge of Food Science and
Technology. This it does through encouraging scientific research, organising meetings, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, congresses, publishing papers and assisting in educational activities. Currently the Association has in the order of 2000 members throughout Southern Africa – the Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Northern branches attend to the regional affairs of the Association. The national secretariat is situated in Durban.
SAAFoST Tel: +27 31 3688000;;

Agro Processing Africa Summit 2015

26th & 27th November 2015, Amabhubesi Training Centre, Ferndale, Randburg, Johannesburg
Africa’s dominant agricultural sector makes the continent a prime location for the establishment of agroprocessing industries. Processing of food adds value to agriculture and edible animal products by grading standardization, packing and preserving of produce so that products could be formed in such a way that they can be sold in market of the country and abroad. This is vital since it creates employment and helps in import substitution, foreign currency earnings from exports of processed products coming from agriculture, forestry and fisheries. African governments and the private sectors need to develop concerted efforts and strategies to support agro processing ventures since they convert raw materials into manufactured products and reduce the number of farmers practising at subsistence level. Agro processing in Africa is in the hands of the few conglomerates and this effectively closes doors for aspiring small holder farmers and small business to benefit from the earnings that agro processing has to offer. Agro processing can succeed if farmers and agro processors were able to access the requisite funding to embark on sustainable ventures. Investment, ICT, access to markets as well establishing and enabling environment also play a crucial role in making agro processing a success story. In many eveloping countries especially in sub-Saharan Africa, communities are largely rural and agriculture is often the sole source of household income. They earn low incomes and unemployment is high. Agro processing offers an opportunity to reduce hunger and fight poverty. South Africa is establishing Agri Parks across the country. They seek to link production areas to support communities, smallholder farmers and emerging black farmers.
Discover the various funding opportunities which are available for aspiring small enterprises and agro processing ventures.
Learn about the Agri Parks which the South African government is establishing in all the nine provinces in a bid to support communities, smallholder farmers and emerging black farmers. Network and mingle with funders, peers and decision makers in Southern Africa and even beyond. Identify and understand the factors which allow agricultural commodity value chains to grow and thrive. Learn about the challenges which face small holder farmers in their quest to market and process their produce. Learn valuable lessons from real life and successful case studies in East and Southern Africa on running viable cooperatives and community projects.
The summit seeks to explore ways in which such programs can be implemented sustainably and improve the standards of living of many who are struggling to make it.
Who Should Attend:
• Directors and branch managers for agricultural produce retailing
• Food processing companies
• Heads for retail finance
• Financiers and funding managers
• Commodity brokers
• Exporters and importers of agricultural produce,
• Private sector value chain or multi-stakeholder associations
• Farmer organizations and unions
Farming cooperatives members
• Commodity group dealers
• Civil society organizations actively involved in value chain work and policy makers.
The event will characterized by robust dialogue with leading experts around the challenges and opportunities for linking agriculture, processing and marketing.
Registration contact Micheal Chansa Tel: +27 11 326 0353;