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Trends that will affect regional economic integration and trade in Africa.

Africa is not immune to the shocks and changes in the world economy that could help or hinder its efforts to speed up integration, bring down borders and better use its space to boost its own economy. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) World Trade Report 2014 identified four major trends from the last decade which have had an impact on African integration:
• The increasing impact of shocks to the global economy shows that open trade can spread the fallout but also help to reduce volatility.
• The phenomenal trade growth from the developing world led by emerging economies in Asia, Latin America and Africa, where it has been spurred by demand for commodities. The income gap between emerging and developed countries has narrowed, but Africa is lagging behind.
• The expansion of global value chains. The share in total trade of intermediate goods, services and
components between developing countries grew from about 6% in 1988 to nearly 25% in 2013. However, African firms have struggled to participate meaningfully in the global value chains.
• The changing prices of commodities exports of fuels and mining products. Africa’s resource-rich countries face challenges pursuing development strategies due to the boom-bust cycle of commodity prices. In addition, two other notable trends will impact Africa’s spatial development.
Facilitation agreements aimed at bringing down trade barriers have advantages and disadvantages for those
pursuing long distance commerce. And the new wave of mega-trade agreements involving major trading countries can divert trade and erode preferences.
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Rural value-adding with guests

Rural businesspeople are increasingly looking towards adding value to their operations. Many regions in Africa are popular tourist destinations and businesspeople can exploit this by offering lodge, bed-and-breakfast, guesthouse or self-catering accommodation.

Food industry to benefit from Donaldson process filtration solutions

Sterile conditions can improve the marketing potential of perishable foods. Such fragile foods as dairy products can enjoy a longer shelf life which might allow the opening of new markets as well as reduced product loss. Sterile conditions improve the manufacturing process and play a key role in consistent product quality.

Reduced Costs

Reduced costs and better products are possible – if you use the right ingredients

Unique Flavors and Fragrances:a customer-centric approach from a unique company


Uniquely talented, focused and exclusive – that’s what differentiates Unique Flavors.

Established in 2001, this vibrant company responded to market demands, carving a niche that is customer-centric, quality-oriented and service-driven.

The business benefits of fortifying


The Micronutrient Initiative ( ), a Canadian-based international non-profit organisation dedicated to eliminating vitamin and mineral deficiencies worldwide, is hosting a half-day seminar on 21 July at Africa’s Big Seven Expo in Midrand, South Africa, to ”challenge business to make fortification the norm for commercially-processed staple foods by 2010”.

Kuhn cutting machines

Kuhn Machines is a family owned business with its focus on manufacturing quality slicing and cutting solutions for the food industry.

Pro-Pak closing/heat sealing machines

The RS Series of bag closing/heat sealing machines from Pro-Pak are designed for the closing of all types of heat-sealable plastic film and laminates. In recent times, these machines have been extensively used for the closing of the now very popular stand-up pouch. They offer extremely reliable and fast sealing of these pouches at a very modest price.

Flash attention to your brand on the shelf

One of the latest devices to attract shoppers in-store, the shelf illuminator, was given the thumbs-up in a recent Markinor survey in South Africa.

More water for your dough

South Africa-based National Bread Improvers has formulated an enzyme blend that allows bakers to add 2-5% extra water to their dough. Aquamax 0.1%, which comprises enzymes, fibre and bulking agents, is described by Cherry Elcott of National Bread Improvers as "a unique water retention improver to assist with increased water absorption, using the latest enzyme technology". 

Barex for tailored flours … and confectionery, ice cream…

Physical and chemical differences are great between different lots and varieties of wheats. These differences have far-reaching effects and become the basis of what is referred to as “quality”. This quality has different meanings for the miller and for the baker.


disc brake pads


Chemistry and Technology of Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices
By Dr PR Ashurst (2nd edition) Publisher: Blackwell

Quality assurance essential

An issue which is not always well addressed in the small-scale production of biodiesel, is the need for very good process and quality assurance to be able to produce a fuel that is safe to use in the modern diesel engine. Even in the US, with its well-established industry, a recent study showed that a third of the factories were not supplying to specification.

Reduce processing waste, make stock

An enzyme-based system allows meat and fish-processing companies to turn their food-grade bone material into stocks – reducing waste by up to 80%, according to its designers, Danish by-products management company.

Proving health claims for foods

There are various ways of proving the quality of plant material for, for instance, health claims on labels. 

Bake-sure – For used industrial equipment

We buy and sell used bakery, confectionery and other related industrial equipment.

Southern Tides (Pty) Ltd

Introduction to Southern Tides

Southern Tides was created in 2005 with its primary focus based in two areas. Firstly Sourcing of ingredients and chemicals to FMCG and associated companies, and secondly offering a wide range of Logistical services.


A leader in industrial boilers

Alstom John Thompson is an international leader in the design and manufacture of industrial boilers with steam outputs ranging from 1t/hour up to 320t/hour.

Some useful books

A sample fo some food processing-related books currently available from a leading South African specialist book distributor:

Low technology value-adding systems

Adding value and shelf life to agricultural produce that would otherwise largely go to waste is an excellent way to promote poverty relief and self-sustainability.

Low cost structures, DIY

A new system of corners, struts and clamps offers handymen the opportunity to create a variety of shelters and storage facilities.
With the C-clamp system any type of strong material – for instance wood or piping – can be clamped together into a frame. The round or square sizes of materials which can be accommodated for the frame

Manually operated production equipment

A Swaziland based engineering company offers a variety of manually operated production equipment aimed at small industries.
Products include wire processing machines and equipment for making items such as paper bricks and clothes pegs. Although their factory in Matsapa is relatively new, New Dawn Engineering (NDE) has been developing approp

Movable fuel station

A supplier of petrol pump equipment has developed a movable fuel station housed in a container. Besides its advantage of easy relocation, this mini version costs only a fraction of a conventional fuel station and can be up-and-running within two weeks from manufacture.
It comes with a generator, making it independent from grid power and ideal

Market information for West Africa

The African Agricultural Market Information Network (AFAMIN) concentrates on market information on fertilisers, seeds and crop protection products. It operates a website with detailed country profiles, monthly retail prices for inputs in West Africa, and a directory of wholesalers, importers and retailers.
There are special web pages for Ben