Avocado in a doy pack

‘Canning’ avocados

Avocado in a doy packArgentinean food engineers have developed a new technique to "can" avocados while retaining their nutrients and organoleptic qualities. The new "canning" technology, in which avocados are packaged in flexible doypacks, involves coating the avocados and treating them with an antioxidant. A low-temperature preservation process is then used to produce a final result.
Freezing, the typical preservation technology hitherto used for avocados, gives them a longer shelf life but has a negative effect on their nutritional value and organoleptic qualities.
Standard canning is disastrous for avocados because of their high oil content and the presence of the polyphenol oxidase enzyme, which is responsible for browning. Organic acids, such as those found in lime and lemon, usually counteract the browning process. However, using acids in the canning process produces an unpleasant acidic taste.
One of the engineers, Diego Prieto, says historically the avocado has seen only two innovations: pasteurised avocado pulp and, more recently, dry avocado powder. But in these products the avocado does not maintain its  original form, texture, colour and flavour.
"Our product maintains the original benefits of fresh avocado, and its organoleptic qualities, and improves its shelf life by about five times without frozen storage," he says.
The avocados are packaged in half pieces without stones. The product retains its skin but is easy to peel.
The process and product are being patented, but they are already being offered internationally.
Diego Prieto: Tel 54-11-15-5571-7132; dieprieto@gmail.com ; or Martin Cecchini: Tel +54-11-15-6317-6024; correo_mmc@yahoo.com.ar