Canned worms

Garden worm farming is increasingly recognised as an effective waste disposal tool. A number of systems are available in South Africa, among them the aptly-named Can-O-Worms, a bin design which is used worldwide. The equipment and worms can be posted to clients. FullCycle, the distributors of Can-O-Worms, says it is an odourless, user-friendly composting system that allows both commercial enterprises and households to participate in recycling and the production of compost and fertilizer.
The innovative stacking tray design allows for easy removal of the finished worm castings from the bottom tray, and liquid fertiliser (also known as vermi-tea or worm tea) from the collector tank – without having to handle the worms or decomposing organic waste.
Last year FullCycle established a worm farm at the Five-star Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. This was the first Can-O-Worms installation in South Africa. Now, instead of the hotel’s kitchen waste going to landfill, earthworms turn it into vermicast (a soil conditioner) that is used by the hotel's horticulturist in its gardens
Earthworms can eat half their own weight each day. They double their numbers every 4-6 months. Thus a worm farm can grow 4-5kg of earthworms in 2-3 years which are capable of eating up to 3kg of organic waste per day.
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