Burera livestock farmers upbeat over new milk plant – Rwanda

Livestock keepers in Burera district, Rwanda, are upbeat as a new milk factorynears completion. According to officials in the region the factory is owned by Burera Dairy Ltd and is being constructed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry through Business Development Fund at a cost of Rwf 700m (US$ 961 828).
The factory is expected to produce cheese, yoghurt and butter, among other products. The project is one of the small and medium industry promotions being undertaken by the Trade Ministry to promote value addition across the country. Locals welcomed the factory, saying it offers timely answers to farmers who have previously complained about lack of market for their milk.
Gedeon Cyambaza, president of Burera Diary Company board, added that the factory will add more value to milk production and that farmers will now be able to sell their milk at collection centres from where it will be picked for processing.
Said Gedeon; “Once the factory is operational it will provide a ready market to farmers and area residents will be able to get other milk products close to them.”
– www.allafrica.com