Bühler presents its vision for a more sustainable rice processing future (UK)

The Bühler Group, a rice processing equipment solutions provider, will be reinforcing its commitment to encourage the adoption of sustainable rice processing at the upcoming IRRI International Rice Congress 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.
This was according to the group who presented the vision of its commitment to creating a better future in rice processing. The company expects several significant growth opportunities throughout Asia in 2015.
The current global rice production falls far short of projected annual demand which is expected to reach 576 million tons by 2035 – requiring an increase of 116 million tons of rice production over the next two decades.
This cannot be done by increasing yield alone and requires greater efficiency and quality control throughout the supply chain.
“As global population numbers swell, demand for rice is only going to increase. It is therefore vital that the industry comes together to bring about more sustainable rice production processes. Our machines have been engineered to deliver greater capacity, efficiency and profitability so that millers can increase yield at a lower cost while maintaining the highest quality end product possible, said Bühler UltraLine™ product manager, Sujit Pande.
Food safety is one of the most critical topics in rice processing today. There is a perceived lack of trust from consumers about the safety of their food supply and they are consequently becoming more and more conscious of the origins of the products they buy.
At the same time, more rigorous safety regulation including that of heavy metal content and levels of mycotoxin in rice mean rice processors are faced by an ever more challenging environment in which to operate.
According to the group, Bühler machines are designed with safety in mind, providing easily removable machine covers and screens for cleaning. Its sealing systems are designed to prevent any dust leaking out into the plant.