Chemistry and Technology of Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices
By Dr PR Ashurst (2nd edition) Publisher: Blackwell Soft drinks and fruit juices are produced in almost every country and their availability is remarkable. From the largest cities to some of the remotest villages, soft drinks are available in a variety of flavours and packaging. The market for these products also continues to show a remarkable potential for growth.
Probably the most significant trend in soft drinks manufacture in recent years has been towards the use of non-calorific artificial sweeteners (for more on this, search for ''Sugatella'' on the Food & Beverage Reporter side of the website
Chapters: Trends in Beverages; Fruit and Juice Processing; Carbohydrate and Intense sweeteners; Other Beverage Ingredients; Non-Carbonated Beverages; Carbonated Beverages; Processing and Packaging; Packaging Materials; Analysis of Drinks and Juices; Microbial Aspects (an excellent chapter); Functional Drinks; and Special Topics.
An excellent book for this industry, and well indexed.
Reviewed by Dr Aubrey Parsons. Many more books on subjects related to food processing are available.
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