Aquaculture expertise

Having visited aquaculture operations across 17 countries, Leslie Ter Morshuizen of Aquaculture Innovations of South Africa assists companies considering investing in aquaculture. He assists with site selection, species selection, financial and biological viability analyses, and production protocols/audits on existing operations. He also offers:

  • Aquaculture training courses for entrepreneurs considering investment.
  • Aquaculture textbooks on a wide range of topics including tilapia farming, earth pond management, disease management and cage aquaculture, etc.
  • Aquaspawn, artemia cysts, bead filters, etc, for aquaculture production.
  • Ram pumps, which require no electricity or fuel, making them suited to use in remote situations.

Ter Morshuizen: Tel +27 46 622 3690; fax +86 519 4028;