Anchor joins Ethiopian dairy market – Ethiopia

Anchor, New Zealand’s leading milk brand, has begun producing fortified milk drink in Ethiopia. The company launched its first nationwide Anchor fortified milk drink earlier this month.
According to State industry Minister Dr Mebratu Meles, enabling Anchor fortified milk drink to begin production as the first-ever milk powder dry blending plant in Ethiopia would play a significant role in the national goal of ending child malnutrition by 2030. He said: “The beginning of Anchor milk production in Ethiopia will add great impetus to the nation’s vision of transforming the agriculture led economy to an industry led one in the shortest time possible. The government of Ethiopia has been formulating and adopting various policies and strategies aimed at attracting local and foreign investors who wish to get involved in such agroprocessing industries. Moreover, the government has established Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute in a bid to exploit the country’s potentials in this regard.”
New Zealand Milk Products General Manager for Ethiopia, Zeco Kassim, said that one glass of Anchor’s Fortified Milk Drink contains more than 30 nutrients essential for a child’s growth and development, including protein, calcium, vitamins A and D, iron and zinc.
New Zealand Milk Products Ethiopia is a joint venture between local partner Faffa Foods and New Zealand Dairy Cooperative Fonterra, which is the world’s largest dairy exporter.– The Herald Ethiopi