Aiming for pure economic empowerment

Marble Gold is the first 100% black female owned UHT dairy production plant in Africa.

Located in Robertville, in the West rand, the business is appropriately positioned to easily access the greater Johannesburg and surrounding areas with its 100% Nutri Fruit pure juice, juices and dairy products.

Technical partner, Tetra Pak has supplied the plant with state-of-the-art dairy equipment in line with ISO and HACCP standards. Jayson Seymour, Marble Gold’s business development ambassador, says the brand competes with the best; it is an excellent value-for -money alternative, while quality is not compromised.

The company has a two-pronged approach to pursue its business relations providing juice and dairy products to formal markets, and co-packing and own label packaging for businesses at large. Marble Gold also manufactures for school feeding schemes.
According to Seymour, the spaza retail sector (about 8 million shops) will enormously benefit from Marble Gold products as big business has made commodities out of basic foods like milk and bread. “Our approach will redefine the dairy industry as we know it: defeating price-fixing and collusion, and creating real immediate jobs for women and the disabled.”
Job creation
“We have successfully raised a national contract over a supply period of three years for juices, adding more products on an ongoing basis. The product is a resounding success. Pursuing new contracts ourselves would defeat real job creation, so we have formulated a comprehensive plan to profit many persons with a guaranteed monthly income that will sustain households over the long term, virtually immediately.”
He reveals that the company has contracted experts in their relevant fields to ensure that the business model develops ordinary men and women. The facility will become a training centre for dairy students in the UHT industry, in line with the company’s support of employee training and disabled employment.
Seymour says that Marble Gold is aware of the present crisis in the economy that urgently requires job creation and basic food supply that will sustain ordinary households. Its core focus is therefore to offer non-perishable products at affordable prices. He remarks that distribution contracts are available to owner-drivers working for themselves with the intent focus on – but not limited to – informal markets, making up some 65% of South Africa’s population.
“Marble Gold ideally wants to create 1,500 jobs in 2012. Never before done in the UHT industry, this venture will set the benchmark and accelerate sustainable job creation in real time where the distributor will benefit from daily income on a cash basis. In fact, we guarantee product quality – the same product will be supplied to formal and export markets. Our approach will combat cheap imports by providing local quality products.”
Seymour goes on to say that negotiations are underway with informal trade organisations that are often overlooked by established brands. “This may be a good opportunity to cement a supply or co-packing opportunity. Markets are currently declining across the board; we therefore want to create the perfect incubator to becoming a holistic dairy manufacturer in desperate times, covering a range of products at affordable prices over the long term. In the same breath, day-to-day needs will be taken care of by distributors, to feed their families in a dignified manner,” he says.ElvinSDE

Community initiatives
“Corporates can partner with schools or aftercare facilities, even sports organisations in poor areas by becoming their financial sponsor. Newsletters and fully transparent expenditure reports will show financial accountability for the sponsored CSI initiative. We will be engaging the mining sector on getting involved in this venture.” 
Marble Gold also plans to partner with bakeries within its supply area to provide milk and bread for about R10 in 2012. This concept is currently proving to be a resounding success on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. The company is currently investigating the viability of this venture and will initially launch it in Gauteng, and introduce it to the other provinces in manageable phases at a later stage.
Another exciting venture that Marble Gold will be unfolding is a farm plan where ordinary citizens with no dairy farming experience will be able to own cattle in a “hotel system”. Seymour explains that cattle-owners will be assisted by experienced dairymen in selecting the cattle, milking and feeding them, as well as in the health and daily well-being of their animals.
“The system will be managed by professionals with the relevant industry experience, and cattle-owners will get milk purchasing contracts from Marble Gold. Milk produced (even externally) will be bought by our processing facility over the long term. Milk prices will be market-relevant, bringing much needed balance to the industry. The cattle-owners will get a monthly income from the milk their cattle produce in addition to the milk purchase contract. Any person may become a member, however; we encourage co-ops. Feed producing contracts will also become available,” he
states. “To be blunt, our white farmers are closing at least three dairy farms a month, and we have every intention of working with races of all kinds without exploiting anyone. This is about making the dairy industry work as a whole, and not filling selected individual’s pockets at the cost of others. The idea is volume-based; for example, 1 million products at R1 and not the other way around. One thing is for sure, all involved will benefit extensively over time.”
Seymour concludes that in due course, the plan will be extensively advertised in various forms of media including radio, and welcomes discussions on this subject matter from banking institutions and all interested parties. Farmers will need to attend information sessions to get first-hand information on how this system will work (in full detail) before it is launched.
Marble Gold: Tel + 27 76 271 7293 or + 27 82 416 6181; info@marblegold.biz or jgs4vbe@yahoo.com