AgriBizNiz Summit, African Farmers Workshop and Expo to debate critical issues

The AgriBizNiz Summit which addresses Africa’s agricultural needs will be held next month at the Expo Centre in Johannesburg from 11 to 12 August. It is one of several related events forming part of the African Farmers Workshop and Expo (AFWE) at the same venue from 12 to 14 August.

“The two-day AgriBizNiz Summit enables delegates, captains of industry, executives, academics and observers across the agribusiness value chain to engage, network and debate on critical issues in the agricultural industry,”  says Mahlatse Masimini, managing director of Moshate Media, organisers of the event.
Agriculture remains one of the key drivers for expanding economic development in Africa, especially for the millions of inhabitants that rely on agriculture – directly and indirectly – for their livelihood.
There will be a number of high-level speakers and participants who are expected to address various agricultural related topics.
“In recent years, the importance of smallholders’ contributions to agriculture has gained increasing recognition, with the government allocating more than R7billion towards assisting 435 000 subsistence and 54 5000 smallholder farmers over the next three years,” says Masimini.
The summit, workshop and expo aims to help transform farming through empowerment programmes, provision of tools and equipment, teaching best practices to farmers, and fostering relations between commercial and emerging farmers. According to Masimini, AFWE is a ‘one stop shop’ for emerging farmers.
“Through the combination of an indoor and outdoor expo, a breeder’s expo, daily workshops, the AgriYouth Indaba and the Agri BizNiz Summit, visitors have a unique opportunity to access a wealth of information, resources, products and services – all of which will equip emerging and subsistence farmers to run more efficient, more profitable farms.”
There will be a variety of products showcased at the event.

For more information contact Sarah Howarth, Moshate Media.
Tel: +27 11 514 0200.