Agrex mills – full assistance

For a new Agrex mill owner, the process of achieving full production and profitability is enhanced by the high back-up levels which Agrex SA offers its customers.

The Agrex system is almost a production franchise, but without the costs associated with franchising.

This support includes:

  • On-site assembly.
  • Ongoing technical back-up.
  • With the supply of the technology, executives/owners of the mill are trained for a week in the art and science of milling. A typical mill requires one miller (or other skilled person) and 3-4 unskilled staff. Ongoing mentorship from Agrex South Africa is also available.
  • The mills run automatically on PLC, and therefore have very low skilled staff requirements.
  • Agrex plants are sold with a complete spares kit that should last for 12-18 months.