African Agricultural Trade Promotion (AATP) Conference

This conference, to be held at this year's Africa's Big Seven expo (20-22 July 2008), will address problems which agricultural projects in Africa face, like under-capitalisation due to the high cost of finance, poor market intelligence and lack of expertise in trade, etc.

The target audience is commercial farmers or investors in Africa, and related government officials.

The programme will inter alia highlight the myriad of support programmes available in Africa, the requirements of supermarkets, and the typical requirements of the South African market (for rest-of-Africa suppliers).

The African Agricultural Trade Promotion Initiative (AATPI) is being constituted with the explicit role of facilitating trade on behalf of specific pre-selected projects in Africa as selected at the AATP conference.

The Southern African Global Competitiveness Hub, the USAID-funded trade facilitation hub in Gaborone, Botswana, will be co-sponsoring some of the business-to-business meetings. South African bank ABSA will be sponsoring the actual business-to-business meetings. MATEP will be sponsoring inbound missions from Zambia.

Contact Anton Scheepers, agricultural advisor, Southern African Global Competitiveness Hub:

Tel +27 (0)12 993 1975 or  +27 (0)82 5734 344;;