Affordable technology for home businesses and value adding

A wide range of small and medium technology is available for home-based income generation. Much of the equipment can be either manually or electrically operated, is affordable and easy to install, operate and maintain. Most suppliers offer training and support services. Many machines are suitable for on-farm value-adding.

A fruit farmer, for instance, could process substandard fruit into juice, slush, achar, jam, puree or paste. He could do his own bottling or drying, or produce his own fruit (and egg) trays, from recycled paper.

Ground nuts can be processed on small scale, low-tech equipment into peanut butter, or roasted and sold whole, in cups produced by another machine.

The list of available technology is almost endless. Machines for small scale food producing include many types of juice processors – squeezers, extractors, pulpers, pressers, blenders etc. Even sugar cane can be processed into an invigorating, healthy drink on a table top machine.

There are machines available that do sachet filling, be it dry or liquid matter (teabags, salt, pepper, sugar, tomato sauce, etc) or packing of industrial powder, rice, grain, etc, into bags from 0.5kg to 100kg.

Other food related processing machines include those for sausage filling, bread baking, beer brewing, snack extruding, and ice cream, ice cubes, cones and ice lollie making.

Non-food producing kits include machines that produce: blocks and bricks; toilet rolls; nappies (adult and baby); core tubes; pencils (from recycled paper); envelopes, paper bags, stationery, labels, fax and photocopy paer, till rolls; foil plates and trays for catering; candles; soap and househould chemicals; straws; plates, cups, dinner boxes, lids; and tissue, serviette and facial tissue paper.

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