`A radical water hygiene solution

Radical Waters, a South African company, has launched ActSol water pouches which are being sold for broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral treatment.

 Uniquely after the electro-chemically activated (ECA) water is diluted for application in these purposes, it reverts to become normal water and does not leave foreign residues on the final product.  

Radical Waters recently achieved SA Bureau of Standards (SABS) approval for its electro-chemically activated (ECA) water technology as a water treatment solution, a cleaning solution and a detergent-disinfectant. This means that ActSol can be universally applied as a safe, efficacious water-based remedy which is ideally suited to sanitation-in-process (SIP) and real-time applications to food products. This means it can be applied without risk of health, organoleptic taint or chemical spoilage, particularly for export products.

Radical Waters, contact Alastair Stride, general manager:  Tel 011-466-0610; robink@radicalwaters.com