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Free Trade: Africa finally gets serious
The past few months have seen some significant developments for African trade and integration. These advances come at a crucial time for the continent.

South Africa’s sugar tax war
There’s a bitter battle going between the state and the beverage sector in South Africa over a proposed sugar tax. We ask whether an industry that is one of the very few showing any growth at all should be choked by a tax whose desired public health benefit is disputed.

Meat needs much more monitoring
Ineffective meat inspection in developing countries is causing a rise in antibiotic-resistant superbugs, heavy metal contamination and foodborne-disease. Research in Africa shows governments need to wake up to their responsibility to ensure that meat quality is more closely monitored.

The PET bottle boom
Over the past six years bottled water growth in West Africa has doubled to 40-billion litres a year – providing a massive boost to the PET industry. No surprise then that PET equipment specialists like Sidel are making an aggressive play in the West African market. You’ll find them and host of other packaging suppliers at Propak West Africa in Lagos this month.