Monthly archives: February, 2013

Understanding and targeting consumer groups in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean economy is fast recuperating after a decade of economic contraction.

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair 2013

23-27 April, Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
The theme of this multisectoral, intra-regional trade fair is Creating Value, Enhancing Growth.

Four ways technology can boost African farming

According to the recent eTransform Africa: TheTransformational Useof Information andCommunication Technologies inAfrica report by the World Bank and the African Development Bank, more than 650m mobile phone subscriptions give the majority of the population an invaluable source of access to financial services, information, games and entertainment.

Energy ideas for off-the-grid communities

The annual eta Awards – organised by South Africa’s Department of Energy and national electricity provider Eskom – recognise the proven application of sound energy efficiency principles in the commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural and education sectors.

Household and other biogas projects for Africa

Everything produces waste and human beings particularly do so.

Solar oven can drive community upliftment projects

The Vukusenzele Bakery in the Zandspruit informal settlement in Johannesburg, South Africa, is a self-sustaining micro-enterprise powered mainly by a solar oven, which has been designed for large-scale feeding situations that require cooking great volumes of food quickly.

Turnkey solar bakery package

The oven is available with a 150-piece turnkey Sun-Bakery package that enables the creation of a self-sustaining enterprise to turn out freshly baked goods, while creating jobs and eliminating the cost of fuel.

Fontana Closures at Propak Africa 2013

Fontana celebrates its 50th year in 2013 as an innovative leader in the closure industry.

Recycled polystyrene housing

Project to provide franchise business opportunities across the continent.

Pilot facility strives to create green jobs and vegetate the desert (Qatar,Middle East)

The first cucumbers grown in the desert – using seawater and solar power – were harvested in December 2012 at The Sahara Forest Project’s 10,000 sq metre pilot project facility in Qatar.

Gum arabic: an export success story (Sudan)

Sudan hopes that rising demand for gum arabic from new markets in the Far East, Japan, the Gulf, China, America and Europe will help to soften an economic crisis triggered by the loss of 75% of its oil production when South Sudan seceded in 2011.

Cargill’s African feed venture (South Africa)

Cargill’s Provimi business is investing around $20m in a 75% stake in and managerial control of NuTec Southern Africa, a manufacturer of vitamin and mineral premix for the animal nutrition industry.

New juice processing plant to supply brandy distillery with four products (Tanzania)

OK Holdings is opening a juice manufacturing plant in the coastal district of Bagamoyo to supply its distillery with processed banana, pineapple, lime and sugarcane products for its fruit spirit brandies, which are sold in Dar-es-Salaam to Tanzanians as well as tourists.

New $811,074 agro-processing plant opens in Adama (Ethiopia)

Adag International Plc is opening a cereal, oil seed and spice processing plant – with a capacity to process 75,000t of products a day for export – in Adama, Oromia.