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5 Important Steps of buying Food Processing Equipment

Entrepreneurs need to invest in small-scale purpose-built processing equipment for the safe production of quality products when the quantity to be produced is larger than is possible with household or food service equipment, or because the product can’t be produced with catering equipment – for example, cereal milling, jaggery sugar refining or high-capacity bottlefilling and drying.

Extrusion a processing tool for a variety of feed

Extrusion cooking is a very flexible processing tool that can produce a wide range of animal feed

Practical, affordable hand-planter

Without contributing to the yield, gaps in a crop row still get tilled, while the farmer pays for fertilizer, irrigation, weed and pest control, and soil treatment.

Greenhouses: the future of agriculture

Greenhouses protect crops from too much heat or cold, shield plants from dust storms and blizzards, and help to keep out pests.

Using sunlight to cook

The principle behind solar cooking is simple – eliminate the need for fuels such as wood, paraffin, gas or coal to prepare meals

Flat-packed, easy-to-transport and erect modular building system

Vela’s modular building system (Modula) provides a high-quality, solid-walled, cost-effective, rapid modular building solution

A ray of sun illuminates the globe

Around 1.6bn people worldwide live without access to electricity, with many relying on kerosene lanterns for lighting.

New joint-venture supports emerging dairy farmers

Famous Brands has entered into a joint-venture partnership with the Coega Dairy Company- an existing dairy manufacturing business in Port Elizabeth, South Africa owned by local farmers, factory and farm employees – to supply mozzarella, cheese slices and cheese spread to the Group.

Famous Brands will control 51% of the Famous Brands Cheese Manufacturing Company’s shares, while shareholders of Coega Dairy will hold the balance of 49%. In terms of the agreement, a new state-of-the-art cheese manufacturing plant will be constructed adjacent to Coega Dairy’s existing dairy facility (whose primary business is the production of UHT long-life milk and butter).
Latest-technology equipment, budgeted at R35m ($4.06m), will be imported from Italy for the customdesigned
plant and will be funded by the joint-venture partners in direct proportion to their shareholding in the business. The day-to-day operations of the cheese manufacturing business will be managed by Coega Dairy for an agreed management fee. In terms of the agreement, the Coega Development Corporation will fund construction of the 2,600 sq metre facility and lease the premises to the new company. Construction is planned to commence in November, and is expected to cost R20m ($2.23m).
Famous Brands Cheese Manufacturing Co is anticipated to commence supply and distribution of mozzarella cheese to the Debonairs Pizza franchise network in May 2013. The business’s first-year annualised turnover
is expected to be in the order of R180m ($20.89m).
Famous Brands’ CEO, Kevin Hedderwick, says: “This partnership is compelling for two reasons: the transaction comprises a straightforward greenfield investment with significant earnings potential and a short payback period; and equally importantly, it is an enterprise which will deliver tremendous benefits for those black farmers who partner with us via Coega Dairy, whereby they gain an instant, robust market for their milk, and the potential to grow that market over time.”
“This transaction is anticipated to create 49 jobs in the new cheese manufacturing company, as well as a further five jobs in the existing Coega Dairy business,” notes Hedderwick.
Coega Dairy CEO, Dr Hennie Kleynhans, adds: “This transaction is a fantastic coup for the farmers who own
Coega Dairy; it guarantees a market for at least 38m litres of milk per annum and will in time establish the dairy as one of the biggest in SA.”


Developing an inclusive horticultural industry for smallholders