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Customer collaboration ensures continual product improvement

Nicola-J Flavours and Fragrances (Pty) Ltd, a wholly-owned South African company, was founded in 1996. The core of the founding team has considerable experience in the flavour industry, and our growth since inception has been exceptional. Our flexibility and quality of products and service has established Nicola-J as one of South Africa’s premier independent flavour manufacturers. All of our efforts are focused extensively on satisfying the needs of our customers.

Value-added events to enhance Africa’s Big Seven & SAITEX 2012 Expos

Two of South Africa’s biggest trade expos – Africa’s Big Seven (AB7) and Southern African International
Trade Exhibition (SAITEX) – get even bigger this year with the addition of three new components. “This year, we have partnered with Trade Conferences International to host the inaugural Retail Solutions Africa Conference in South Africa,” says John Thomson, MD of Exhibition Management Services (EMS), organisers of AB7 and SAITEX. “We are also hosting the On-line Retailing Conference for the third successive year.”

Extruded full-fat soybeans and ExPress® soybean meal are highquality sources of energy and protein for poultry species

Dr Reza Poureslami, poultry nutritionist at Insta-Pro International, explains that extruded full-fat soybeans have been used as a high quality source of energy (due to the oil content of 18-22%) and protein (38-42%), in the diet of poultry species since the early 1970s.
A large number of studies have been performed over the past few decades to investigate different aspects of applying extruded full-fat soybeans in animal and poultry diets.

Extruded-pressed (ExPress®) soybean meal

ExPress® soybean meal is an alternative to solvent-extracted soybean meal. Extruded soybeans go through the pressing process where about 12% of oil is extracted. This extracted oil can further be used in the feed and/or food applications.
Basically, ExPress® soybean meal contains less crude fat when compared to extruded soybeans (6% versus 18%). The crude protein (48%) and energy content (3,344Kcal/gg TMEn) of ExPress® meal is different to that of extruded full-fat soybeans. Amino acid digestibility of ExPress® meal is presented in the table.

Extruding new snack opportunities

FoodProcessing Africa investigates extrusion in the growing African savoury snack market, the trends in different markets, and the equipment available to service the needs of producers in this sector.
Although designing snack foods today can be a complex process to meet changing consumer tastes and expectations, extrusion technology provides snack makers with the opportunity to process a variety of products by changing minor ingredients and processing conditions on the same machine. The extrusion process can therefore produce innovative snacks with different shapes, textures and colours to capture the consumer’s imagination.

Stumbelbloc is growing from strength to strength

Stumbelbloc is fast becoming the farmer’s first choice of do-it-yourself construction because it is economical and easy-to-use, and the durability and versatility of structures impress.

Miraculous moringa

Moringa is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree with incredibly nutritious leaves that could aid poor, arid nations in fighting food insecurity and undernourishment.

Small-scale chicken farming in your backyard

Although there are many variations of chicken coops and related products on the market, Nkoko has been designed with the small and emerging farmer in mind.

Moladi moulds mortar

Moladi is a compact building system that can be used anywhere and transported to virtually any part of the world, including remote and rural areas as well as informal settlements, which may be difficult to access.

Refrigerators that thrive in the sun

Electricity shortages are common in many emerging economies, often resulting in food wastage as items spoil with the rising temperatures.

DC-powered freezers

Portable, durable and adaptable, Cold Chain DC-powered freezers are ideal for remote storage of food and beverages, especially for vendors who have access to DC power and a commonly available adapter.

Customised fridge/freezer

Industrial Insulation Systems (IIS) has developed a solar-powered fridge/freezer that can be tailored to meet the needs of off-the-grid scenarios.

Solar fridge types

There are three types of solar fridges: ones that use batteries and solar panels, ones that use just solar panels, and ones that use neither batteries nor panels and are constructed from household materials.

Mabele Fuels’ $216.9m bioethanol plant in Bothaville

Pending promulgation of the proposed mandatory bioethanol blending regulations in South Africa, construction of Mabele Fuels’ 153m litres per annum fuel-grade bioethanol plant in Bothaville, Free State is set to start in June, and is expected to take 24 months.

Japan to finance new fish market (Mozambique)

The Japanese International Co-operation Agency (JICA) is to provide $11.6m for the construction of a new fish market in the neighbourhood of Triunfo, along the Maputo coast road.

$10m cassava processing plant (Rwanda)

A $10m cassava processing plant set up by the Rwanda Development Bank (BRD) in Kinazi sector, Ruhango district, is due to produce and sell its first batch of products in late May.

New bean variety launched (Rwanda)

Harvest Plus, a leader in breeding and dissemination of micronutrient-rich staple food crops, has introduced a new Iron Bean seed in the country, which it will distribute in collaboration with the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB).

Sh400m for avocado project in Murang’a (Kenya)

CEO Gary Hannan says that Alivando has engaged 1,030 farmers in quality production of the avocados and has started a pilot factory in Murang’a to boost production.

Winery begins bottling (Ethiopia)

Castel Winery Plc, a sister company of BGI Ethiopia, recently began producing wine in the environs of Batu Town in Oromia State, 163km south of Addis Ababa.
Winery manager, Fetehanegest Aynalem, says that the winery built at a cost of 300m Birr ($17.2m), will export over a million bottles of wine abroad, and that the winery and the vineyard have created more than 900 new jobs.
According to Fetehanegest, Castel has been cultivating varieties such as Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay since May 2008. – Ethiopian News Agency

Pro vitamin A fortified cassava (Nigeria)

Nigeria has produced a pro vitamin A (beta carotene rich) fortified cassava, which is more nutritious than existing varieties.

Morocco Invests $1.18m in meat industry training

The Moroccan employment and training industry has teamed up with the country’s top processor Koutoubia Holdings to train 3,000 young people to work in the meat slaughtering and processing industry by 2016.