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Village-level algae cultivation plan

The first organisation with plans to build village-level algae cultivation projects, which will be sustained almost entirely with local materials and will produce a variety of fuel and nutritional products for both local use and for sale/export, expects to make a significant contribution to reducing poverty in Africa.


Wind turbines for Africa

A South African company, Kestrel Wind Turbines, supplies small axial flux wind turbines which produce (in different models) between 600 watts and 3,000 watts of electricity.


‘Putting venison on consumers’ tables’

Carnivore Gourmet Meat, part of the Recreation Africa group, plans to bring venison onto South African consumer tables as it has never been brought before. It believes there is a huge opportunity in this – and in reversing consumer perceptions that game meat is tough and smelly, says Michael Losos, the company’s general manager.


Community game farming

In South Africa, as in some other African countries, commercial game farming has boomed in the last few decades, with the conversion of many commercial farms from cattle and cropping to game farming for hunting and venison harvesting.

Global Trading

Thermochromic labels for your hot/cold products

Overseas, the use of thermochromic ink on beverage labels is now fairly common, especially on beers in Germany and the US. For instance, a Coors (US) beer label shows mountain peaks which turn blue when the beer is the "right" temperature.

Heat & Control

Unit Operations in Food Processing

This book by Richard and Mary Earle is available free online via (the full url is ).


Creating New Foods – The Product Developer’s Guide

This book by Mary and Richard Earle is available free online via (the full url is ).


Business Basics for Alberta Food Processors

This book, published by Alberta (Canada) Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, is available free online via (the full url is$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex9977/$file/845-11.pdf?OpenElement).