Monthly archives: November, 2009

Pure water at low cost

New simple and cheap processes to disinfect drinking water offer business opportunities in areas where potable water is not available.
Many of the poorest people of the world lack piped water and connected energy, and there is frequently an unfulfilled demand for safe drinking water.

Green energy from Kenya

A Kenyan green technology firm has teamed up with Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology near Nairobi to develop biogas systems for cooking and provide cheap domestic electricity.

Cooking with fuel from human waste

A London design student has produced a new, closed-loop toilet management system that facilitates the recycling of human waste into cooking fuel.

Fuel from banana waste

Bananas are eaten raw, fried and baked; they are also used to produce banana beer and wine.

Dealing with produce surpluses

How to deal with seasonal fruit/vegetable/herb/nut surpluses is a problem throughout Africa. There is generally an abundance of produce that cannot be consumed by local communities, with excess going to waste.

More free online food processing information

This is the second in a series of articles on this subject. In the next edition we expect to address a Guide to Indigenous Fruit Processing and Business Management for Small Scale Agroprocessors.