Monthly archives: August, 2009

Eco-briquettes provide cheap fuel from waste

Students at University of Johannesburg, South Africa, have developed a viable formula for the production of briquettes from waste material. The briquettes have fewer harmful emissions than coal and paraffin, but deliver similar energy for cooking purposes.

Simple sustainable energy solutions win Ashden awards

A simple treadle pump that has helped thousands of farmers in Eastern India out of poverty was voted Outstanding Achievement of the 2009 Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy.

Solar home system

The Solar Energy Foundation won the Ashden Award for electrification of rural areas with a small solar home system (SHS), powered using a photovoltaic module, to supply electricity for lighting and small appliances and replace kerosene lamps.

Efficient stove – Ashden’s Energy Champion

The Aprovecho Research Center of the US and Shenghou Stove Manufacturers of China have designed a cheap, robust and efficient stove which is mass-produced and sold in developing countries.

Biomass briquettes

Kampala Jellitone Suppliers of Uganda, supported by the Waterloo Foundation, won the award for Avoided Deforestation for producing non-char biomass briquettes made from agricultural waste. 130t of briquettes sold every month reduce deforestation and save about 6.1t of CO2 per ton of briquettes used.

Cheap filter membrane system for safe water treatment

A large Swiss chemical company manufactures an easy-to-use membrane water purification system made of high performance plastic.
The portable Lifestraw® Family system simplifies on-site conversion of large quantities of dirty water into potable water in villages and by families.

Metal detectors, FMCG machines, etc

Metal detectors are now a requirement in most food production lines, as well as in mining lines, packaging recycling lines, etc. TM Packaging of South Africa offers highly competitive metal detectors from its leading foreign supplier, which meet HACCP and CE (European) machinery requirements.

Wanted: agents for HVP

Savoury Food Industries, a subsidiary of Pioneer Foods, one of South Africa’s largest food companies, is looking for customers and agents in the rest of Africa for the HVP (Hydrolysed Vegetable Proteins) flavour ingredients for use in stock cubes, stews, soups and gravies.

New cassava flour machine

Nigeria’s National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) has fabricated a cassava flour-making machine that processes from the tuber to flour, the director-general of the agency has said. Prof Olusegun Adewoye said the breakthrough will assist Nigeria to meet  demand for cassava flour.

Need a wise expert/director?

The Institute for Independent Business (IIB), an international organisation of mature executives, is no normal management consultancy.
Associates of IIB are generally more like non-executive directors who stay for some length of time with a company (unless it is a stand-alone project).

Free on-line food processing information

Finding appropriate and implementable information about food processing from among the mass of on-line information is a challenge. This is especially true where connectivity is a constraint.
This is the first in a series of articles which will identifying and review free on-line information on a range of topics and sectors in food processing. You are free to write to the author (at ) and suggest a topic that should be covered.

Small-scale freshwater fish farming

BOOK REVIEW: This booklet, published by the Agromisa Foundation which is linked to Wageningen University in the Netherlands, gives basic information on how to set up small-scale fish farming for subsistence purposes. However it would also be useful for those looking to start commercial production in rural areas.