Monthly archives: April, 2007

For small producers and processors

The Dutch-based Agromisa Foundation has available a number of publications aimed at providing small-scale producers and processors in developing countries with information on sustainable practices and appropriate technology.

Well hand pumps

India’s largest exporters of deep well and shallow well hand- pumps says its products are extensively used in rural and urban areas to pump potable water.


Chemistry and Technology of Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices
By Dr PR Ashurst (2nd edition) Publisher: Blackwell

Proving health claims for foods

There are various ways of proving the quality of plant material for, for instance, health claims on labels. 

Reduce processing waste, make stock

An enzyme-based system allows meat and fish-processing companies to turn their food-grade bone material into stocks – reducing waste by up to 80%, according to its designers, Danish by-products management company.

Conventional vegetable oil and biodiesel

Conventional edible oils factory owners in Africa should be aware of the the technology to produce biodiesel from vegetable oils and consider whether, in their local situations, biodiesel would be viable for production.

Quality assurance essential

An issue which is not always well addressed in the small-scale production of biodiesel, is the need for very good process and quality assurance to be able to produce a fuel that is safe to use in the modern diesel engine. Even in the US, with its well-established industry, a recent study showed that a third of the factories were not supplying to specification.

Small biodiesel plants can be viable

Until African governments subsidise industrial biofuels production to levels similar to those in Brazil, the US and Europe, small-scale production of biofuels seems to be the most likely form of biofuels development in Africa.

Supplying ” tar

Jannderee, an indigenous South African flavour company recently reached an agreement with a newly-formed Nigerian company, Novipro, in terms of which Jannderee will be represented in the West African market by Novipro.

The EU sugar regime

Peter Staude, MD of South Africa's Tongaat-Hulett Group, one of South Africa's largest sugar companies, has set out what the recent EU sugar reforms will mean.

‘SA-designed soy proteins for taste and economy’

A South African scientist, Pierre Marais, MD of Prosoy, is now, with his commercial partner, Crest Chemicals, marketing a wide range of soy-derived proteins and nutraceuticals (isoflavones) for all applications in Africa.

Indirect UHT processing suitable for Africa

At the recent South African Society for Dairy Technology symposium held in Bloemfontein, Uwe Schwenzow from Tuchenhagen Dairy Systems in Germany visited South Africa and gave a presentation on UHT product possibilities.

Closures for the bottled water and packaging industry

Fontana Manufacturers is a proud supplier of quality plastic and metal components to the packaging industry. Our reputation as a market leader is built on innovation, quality and service excellence. Fontana Manufacturers has grown into a fully integrated company with a modern tool room, R&D facility and testing laboratory which supports the progressive manufacturing plants.