Monthly archives: October, 2006

“New factory” filling machines for Fabrique de Produits in Congo

Filmatic Packaging Systems an engineering company from Paarl, South Africa, recently installed a number of liquid fillers for a new factory for milk and juice of Fabrique de Produits of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

Granor Passi supplies fruit concentrates to Africa

South Africa's largest fruit processor and fruit concentrate producer, Granor Passi, has been increasing its exports of fruit juice concentrates and nectars from South Africa to customers in southern, central and West African countries.

Mrs Olomi's banana wine

Banana wine

Mrs Olomi's banana wineA Tanzanian family business is successfully
producing wine industrially from ripe bananas.

Avocado in a doy pack

‘Canning’ avocados

Avocado in a doy packArgentinean food engineers have developed a new technique to "can" avocados while retaining their nutrients and organoleptic qualities.

Drink for school children

Nutritious drink made from peas

Drink for school childrenA highly nutritious drink made from US dry peas is to be manufactured in Kenya as part of a school feeding scheme.
This follows much success with a similar product in Indonesia. There, the pea-and-rice beverage proved a big hit with thousands of children in central Java. The product also formed part of a school feeding programme and has been available on the open market since last year.

Open pan sugar milling

Open pan (OP) sugar milling is increasingly recognised in Africa as a suitable production method for deep-rural, small-scale cane growers.

Cryovac packages

Case-ready production and ready-meals are major trends in South Africa, in line with international trends. Cryovac has a variety of its packs to harness this trend, including:

One Cafe winner

Aromatic coffee bags from Uganda that are packaged and distributed by Swedish company One Cafe, won the packaging category of the recent London-based Food Processing Awards. Freshly-roasted coffee from the Mt Elgon region is ground and immediately packaged in individual filter bags – similar to tea bags – embossed in such a way that they hold the fine ground coffee.

Southern Tides (Pty) Ltd

Introduction to Southern Tides

Southern Tides was created in 2005 with its primary focus based in two areas. Firstly Sourcing of ingredients and chemicals to FMCG and associated companies, and secondly offering a wide range of Logistical services.


Bake-sure – For used industrial equipment

We buy and sell used bakery, confectionery and other related industrial equipment.

Refreezable soft serve sachets

Refreezeable soft-serve dairy ice cream in individual sachets are being sold in major retailers in South africa, and have potential for marketing elsewhere in Africa.

Some useful books

A sample fo some food processing-related books currently available from a leading South African specialist book distributor:

Low-cost processing solutions

A British supplier offers simple, low-cost solutions to manufacturers in the food, beverages, dairy, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and agri-chemical industries world-wide.

Reconsider the banana tree

Solar pumps from All Power

All Power is a South African specialist company, based in Port Elizabeth, that produces and sells the Watermax range of positive displacement solar-powered submersible water pumps. The pumps are used to draw water from rivers, dams and boreholes.

`A radical water hygiene solution

Radical Waters, a South African company, has launched ActSol water pouches which are being sold for broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral treatment.

A leader in industrial boilers

Alstom John Thompson is an international leader in the design and manufacture of industrial boilers with steam outputs ranging from 1t/hour up to 320t/hour.

Lungile Packaging

Initially formed in January 2005 after being awarded the agency for Raumak packaging and baling machines in Africa, Lungile Packaging has grown rapidly, supplying these top quality machines to many of South Africa's leading rice and sugar companies as well as to various other packaging industries.

Green Glass

Green Glass registered a worldwide patent in 1982 for the technology of glueing the base to the glass (as pictured) – although turning bottles into glasses has been known for many decades.

Bottle Craft – tiny businesses

Bottle Craft, a Cape Town-based company founded in 2004, is popularising the concept of making drinking glasses and other glass items from discarded bottles on a small-business scale.

Cereal and tuber starches

A Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Assoc (CCFRA) member-funded research project has resulted in the publication of a starch handbook entitled Cereal & Tuber Starches: Their Nature and Performance in Foods.

UNITED NATIONS WFP supplies mainly maize-and-soy

South Africa is by far the largest source of food purchases by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for relief food supplies in Africa, but Zambia is also a significant supplier. By far the largest proportions of these supplies are maize and soy.

Contextualising texturisation

A leading South African consultant in the texturisation of soy, Juerg Haensler, says that soy achieves a far higher production of protein per hectare than any other agricultural product – including (in declining order) wheat, rice, meat and milk.

Gerhard Unger and soy

World soybean production outstrips that of other major oilseeds, and its versatility in foods and proven health attributes have brought about worldwide acceptance.

WISHHing for soy in meat

Increasing numbers of Kenyan meat processors added soy to their processed meat formulations in 2006, it is reported.