Monthly archives: July, 2006

Low technology value-adding systems

Adding value and shelf life to agricultural produce that would otherwise largely go to waste is an excellent way to promote poverty relief and self-sustainability.

Reimec for stainless steel – corporate feature

Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Equipment for the Beverage, Chemical, Dairy, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries
Reimec Projects, launched in November 1996 and based in Germiston, South Africa, is operated by a young and enthusiastic team. It handles a broad spectrum of projects for the processing industries, concentrating on the design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel equipment and continuously offering its clients the best possible product at competitive prices, best advice as well as professional, prompt and back up service.

Containerised delivery for congested cities

With Steelbro Sidelifters and a suite of own containers, it is possible for fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) to be delivered after hours while the roads are not busy, freeing up resources for the following day's business.
Imagine your client arriving at his office with his goods already in place and secure ahead of the day. The Steelbro Sidelifter can deliver up to 36t in a single load.


Safrique International was established in 1996 with the objective of offering a total PET solution to its customers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sweet sorghum for ethanol

India-based Praj, which has an office in SA, has developed a "smart distillery" concept of for ethanol production. This plant can use variety of sugar-bearing raw materials for ethanol manufacturing, including sugar cane juice, sugar cane molasses and sweet sorghum which is a crop indigenous to Africa.

Improving coffee extraction

A US company has developed a new coffee grinder that allows users to control the average grind size and introduce a percentage of smaller particles or "fines", into the grinding process to improve coffee extraction characteristics.

South Africa… a regional resource for essential oils?

The South African essential oils industry, which has experienced many failures over the past few decades, may be reaching a point where it will become a resource of skill and equipment supply for the rest of the continent.

pineapple plant

Low cost processing solutions

pineapple plantA UK supplier offers simple, low cost solutions to manufacturers in the food, beverages, dairy, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and agri-chemical industries world-wide. Centriplant Rebuilds & Tank Co is a family owned company which has been in operation since 1976. It aims to provide customers with good quality used equipment and tanks which can be re-engineered to meet specific requirements, at competitive prices.

Made for Africa

Robust ethanol production equipment for remote farmers

Made for AfricaSmall scale ethanol production in remote areas has become possible with the development of a robust, easily maintained modular alcohol distillation unit.
The Taurus 480 is a compact, self contained, continuous column alcohol distillation unit specifically designed to be operated at the source of raw material, reducing transport costs dramatically.