Monthly archives: March, 2006

Affordable technology for home businesses and value adding

A wide range of small and medium technology is available for home-based income generation. Much of the equipment can be either manually or electrically operated, is affordable and easy to install, operate and maintain. Most suppliers offer training and support services.

Potential of food drying

Food drying has significant development potential in the fast-growing formal and informal food processing sectors of Africa and other developing countries.

Improving coffee extraction

Modern Process Equipment (MPE) of the US has developed a new coffee grinder that allows users to control the average grind size and introduce a percentage of smaller particles or "fines", into the grinding process to improve coffee extraction characteristics.

Some useful books?

A sample of some food processing-related books currently available froma leading South African specialist book distributor:

Falcon Engineering beats competition on SAB order

Falcon Engineering, a local stainless steel design and manufacture company at the forefront of brewery equipment in SA, has just completed a contract for the design and fabrication of three 3090hl stainless steel storage tanks for South African Breweries (SAB) Rosslyn.

African mead commercialised

For the first time an African mead is commercially available in South Africa, and export markets are also being explored.

The business of bees

A social enterprise (not an NGO) from Kenya, Honey Care Africa, recently won the 2005 Africa SMME Award – the first time in the history of the award that a non-South African company has won (SMME: small, medium and micro enterprises).

Baking courses

Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Assoc (CCFRA) of Britain and Anchor Yeast of South Africa offer practical and technical baking training courses – for instance, courses dealing with bread and biscuit technology – in Johannesburg.

Filling small packs

Many products can be purchased in bulk but the user requires only 50ml. This is a great opportunity for small enterprises!


Systems and equipment for the agrifood industry


Aquaculture courses

Aquaculture production technologies are becoming increasingly advanced and risks can be minimised through effective training. South Africa's University of Stellenbosch, for instance, offers a distance education programme aimed at the entry level. The one year certification course covers the spectrum from biology to production systems and management. Degree courses are also available.

Pilot-scale mayonnaise development plant

A  British machinery maker has developed a unit for small to medium sized pilot-scale production of mayonnaise. The unit can carry out the entire process, including rapid preparation of premixes, hydration of thickening and stabilising agents and preparation of the final oil-in-water emulsion.

Divac leads in abattoirs (corporate feature)

Divac, established in 1968, has become the market leader in the abattoir plant industry in southern Africa.